About Me

Hello. And Welcome. My name is Brandy Moss-Bickham, wedding planner to the most fabulous….(so serious) I'm a mother, wife, and loving friend to all that I meet. But most importantly, I’m a provider for my small business called Branding By Brandy I am from a small town in South Carolina called Greer. The things I love most about my business are the people I meet, the love I give and receive and just all around love of doing my job. I've been a planner so long without a title that I decided to make it official! I have 7 years of this under my belt. Planning and prepping and understanding. The key is understanding.! Understanding a vision. Understanding a thought. Understanding a dream that can be manifested into reality. This, this wonderful world of planning is what I love. So if you want BIG, if you want BEAUTIFUL and if you want PERFECTION, you hit the jackpot! Twice actually. I’m sure that ring you received was the first one. 

Those that enter as guests now, leave as friends later.

-Brandy Moss-Bickham